Carry The Wind And Rain Together, Rongsheng In Action!

Since July 17, Henan Province, many places suffered a rare history of persistent heavy rainfall, many places have serious flooding and rare flooding, part of the transportation and communication disruptions, farmland was flooded, reservoirs in danger, thousands of people's lives and property safety is threatened, the disaster is always touching people's hearts.


In order to support the flood relief in our city and help the affected people to overcome the difficulties, on July 23, Rongsheng Refractories Chairman Chu Keqi and Vice President of Production Department Bai Jianwei led their factory colleagues to the affected area in Laiji Town, Xinmi City, and donated and delivered 500 cases of drinking water, 100 cases of instant noodles and other relief materials to the seriously affected area, so as to dedicate a love and send a warmth to the affected people.


Rongsheng Refractories has received support and help from people from all walks of life during its development path of more than ten years. We will also continue to pay attention to charity, participate in charity activities in various forms, actively assume social responsibility, strive to return to society, and continuously dedicate our light and heat to the public welfare cause.


Strong collaboration in rain and wind, day and night to ensure production. In the face of extreme weather, in order to stabilize production and supply, the chairman of the group, Chu Keqi, went to the production base to coordinate and organize in the front line of production, and the general manager, Wang Hai, actively coordinated with relevant departments to reasonably adjust resources and optimize production operation to ensure the timely arrival of production personnel and quickly press the production "fast forward button".rongsheng refractory factory.jpg

Bai Jianwei, vice president of production, organized relevant technical personnel to actively carry out self-help in equipment maintenance and power restoration, repairing circuits to ensure normal power supply, and investigating equipment hidden dangers one by one and disposing of them in time when dangerous situations were found. The person in charge of the engineering and after-sales department, Mr. Li, also kept a close eye on the production site and carried out follow-up duty. The person in charge of transportation department also communicated with freight vehicles in time to ensure timely delivery.

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