Gathering the Endeavourers Motivating the Promising

We adhere to the principle of employing people with both virtue and talent, and follow the talent concept of "Gathering the Endeavourers and Motivating the Promising", and provide strong talent support for the high-quality development of the enterprise through career planning, education and training, and performance assessment. The so-called "Enterprising People" refer to the outstanding talents who have both virtue and talent, agree with Rongsheng's cultural philosophy and have the spirit of advancement. The so-called "Promising People" refers to those employees who have outstanding performance and create direct or indirect value for customers and the company.

Talent Introduction

In terms of talent introduction, we are open and tolerant, and through effective talent assessment, we gather talents from all over the world with the traits of strivers in a simple, transparent and warm Rongsheng family.

Talent Development

In terms of talent development, we fully respect the value demands of our employees, attach great importance to individual growth, and continue to provide a stage and opportunities for those who strive to show their talents and realize their ambitions in life through the continuous improvement and optimization of the empowerment mechanism.

Talent Evaluation

In terms of talent evaluation, we insist on ability as the standard and contribution as the hero, and establish a scientific value evaluation system to fairly, justly and openly measure the efforts made and the value created by each employee, so that those who have the ability will stand out.

Talent Incentives

In terms of talent incentive, we insist on providing broad development space and competitive treatment for capable people, so that capable people can have both positions and benefits, and stimulate the creative vitality of the team comprehensively.