Rongsheng Technology Group 2021 Autumn Employee Birthday Party

In order to increase the cohesion of the corporate team and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, on the afternoon of November 6, Rongsheng Technology Group solemnly held the "2021 Autumn Employee Birthday Party". Group Chairman Chukchi, General Manager Wang Haijun, Technical Deputy General Manager Cui Zhantao, Chairman Assistant Zhang Ali, Foreign Trade Director Zhang Yunhe and other group leaders gathered with more than 60 birthday stars from various departments to celebrate their birthdays and share happy moments.

The birthday party is warm and unique after being carefully dressed up. The hall is full of radiance decorated with flying balloons, colorful gifts are eye-catching, and the sweetness of all kinds of desserts that make people's forefinger dye the air, and the birthday cake that symbolizes blessings and celebrations attracts attention. Birthday parties Kick off in such a magnificent and beautiful start. This birthday party was co-hosted by Manager Wang of the Domestic Marketing Department and Maggie of the International Marketing Department.


Accompanied by the beautiful and cheerful music on the scene, the mysterious gift of the birthday party was first unveiled-the VCR made in advance, representatives of various departments of the group came into the mirror to send birthday wishes to the birthday stars. Accompanied year by year, working together in the day and night, through the VCR, the days spent together are vividly vivid, beautiful and moving.

Every birthday party is indispensable for the sincere blessings of the group leaders. Amidst the warm applause of everyone, the chairman of the group Chukchi and the general manager Wang Haijun came to the scene to present exquisite gifts and the most sincere blessings to each birthday star.
General Manager Wang Haijun said that he is grateful for the company of so many colleagues who will never leave, and hope that everyone can always be grateful on this day, not only for the kindness of mothers who have brought us, but also for the kindness of cultivation of the company! Work hand in hand with the company, create value for a better tomorrow, and continue to write glory!
Chairman Chukchi said in his speech that as the group grows, he is very grateful for everyone's support. It is with such a solid backing that the group is able to cut through waves and move forward courageously. I hope that through the quarterly birthday parties, everyone will feel the warmth of the Rongsheng family, work hard together, warm peers, and start a new journey.

In the cheering and applause, in the joy and touching, the game session that everyone was looking forward to arrived as promised, and the crowd was eager to try. The four fun game activities were really a double test of wisdom and resilience.


Watching emoticons and guessing the idiom game has completely liberated everyone's thinking. I can always open up my mind, expand my imagination, and give an accurate answer as you choose the question; this is just an appetizer! The blindfolded beating game is even more fun and exciting. Wearing the blindfold, the world is completely dark, holding a stick in hand, and suddenly heroic, I carefully look for my opponent, you wave the stick and do useless work against the air...At that moment, The whole scene became a sea of joy.



Brave Station Highland game is a competition of four teams standing on cardboard. The players post me and I post you. Stand one more station as much as possible. The other players are counting the number of people together. The atmosphere of you and me is getting stronger and stronger; The drawing and guessing idiom game showcases the tacit understanding that everyone has cultivated in the work. A look, an action, and a word that you know and I know are soaked in knowing yourself and knowing the enemy. The atmosphere on the scene is higher than the wave, and everyone can let it go. Energy, show self-demeanor.

人群 (3).jpg

The birthday party also set up a lottery draw, which made the atmosphere more enthusiastic. Everyone spent a happy afternoon together.
With laughter and cheers...After the game ended, the birthday cake slowly appeared. In the cheerful birthday song, we cut the cake and made birthday wishes together.


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