2021 Expansion Training of Rongsheng Technology Group was Successfully Completed

In order to enrich the cultural life of the staff and improve the teamwork ability, on April 10, 2021, with the warm spring breeze, all the staffs of Rongsheng Group went to Dengfeng Wenhui Villa to conduct an outdoor development training with the theme of "Gathering Strength and Taking Charge".


After a headcount at 7:00 am on the 10th, the training instructor introduced to everyone on the way that the outdoor training aimed to let everyone relax, get close to nature, feel the power of the team in a fun activity, and made a short introduction to the next itinerary.

After arriving at the base, the coach gave a quick and brief introduction of the activities and training requirements, and everyone took their positions, changed and formed up, and opened the training mode as quickly as possible.


In the next PK and camp opening ceremony, each member treated himself as a "soldier" and carried out formation training and team display in military mode, truly practicing with actions what is overall one, and what is team first and common advancement and retreat.


In the next game of "All for One", members cooperated with each other, supported each other, helped each other, and completed the task with one heart, and understood that only by everyone giving their best and complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses, we can work together to create a chance for group success.


In the "Drumming Up Hearts" event, a baseball is placed on a drum, and everyone pulls on the rope around it, working together to make the drum turn the ball up rhythmically and smoothly in succession, thus setting a record for as many upsets as possible. This requires each player to work together and think of an executable plan to reach the game goal in a short period of time and keep the goal consistent. In the face of the ball constantly falling, each team member actively cooperated, tried hard, and constantly corrected the execution plan, and finally accomplished the task beyond the target. This process not only exercised individual communication, collaboration and execution, but also brought into play the ability to adapt when encountering difficulties, and constantly stimulated everyone's innovative thinking and review thinking.


In the "blind man's square", the group experienced a "different" way of communication. In this project, all members of the group had to form a square with a rope while blindfolded, and everyone was required to be evenly distributed on the four sides of the square. Each group was able to think carefully when facing their own tasks, and listen to the command, communicate patiently and cooperate seriously, although the task was not completed because of some mistakes, but everyone gained a lot from this activity - understanding, communication, collaboration and cooperation are really not as simple as imagined. It is not so simple. I believe that in the actual work, even if we face the situation of incomplete expression and poor understanding, as long as the sense of big team is deeply rooted in our hearts, and everyone can be patient to cooperate and communicate, we will eventually achieve a win-win situation for the team.


After dinner, everyone ushered in the long-awaited "Love One Another Family" bonfire party, the instructors lit the bonfire under the sound of everyone's cheers, and with the music the host appeared and announced the start of the performance session. There were hot modern dances, funny adaptations of classics, reenactments of youthful scenes, and singing by the leaders on the scene. Everyone put aside their image and performed each role with their heart, some in drag and some in reverse, which were all very impressive. After that, the chairman of the group made a speech, he said that the expansion training is intended to improve everyone's team consciousness, exercise personal physical fitness, and enrich everyone's cultural life, and gave affirmation to everyone's good performance, and at the same time put deep expectations on everyone's next performance.


In the early morning of the 11th, with the breeze and sunrise, the "soldiers" of Rongsheng got up early to start a new day of challenges.


The next "Challenge 150" was a change from the relaxed style, requiring each team to successfully complete several small projects in 150s in succession, with the shortest time winning. This posed a great challenge to the degree of cooperation of members, each team, each participating member through this dangerous 150 seconds, understand that in the large team consciousness, whether command, or cooperation, each person has their own role, and an effective team, are after continuous friction and cooperation to form, those who originally did not contact the work, thought they could not do things, may After repeated training and friction, mutual collaboration and encouragement, as well as can be very well done.


In the "Management Pyramid" project, it is required to simulate the working environment of each level of the organization in a specific isolated environment, and then find the common points of each image. This required the team members to have a clear understanding of the different jobs and to be able to grasp the essence of their functions. Although there were a lot of jokes about the "different lines of work", through the pyramid activity, each member experienced the working status of different levels of the company. As long as everyone finds their own position and does their own job, they will be able to complete their work and tasks smoothly and efficiently, and will be able to lay a solid foundation for the second take-off of Rongsheng.


The most touching part of the outreach training should be the "bumpy road of life", along with the moving music at the scene, everyone was immersed in the moving statement of the instructor. Thinking back to their own life experiences, the people they met, the things they encountered, and their parents who were getting old before they had the chance to repay them, what did they do? What else can you do? Everyone's heart was being hammered hard, and when they came to their senses, they had tears streaming down their faces. With such a feeling, everyone embarked on the "bumpy road of life".


This short 30 minutes, like a microcosm of life, a long life, there are too many people who love and help themselves, they may be parents, friends, lovers, or perhaps only one side of a stranger, they are together to form a "human bridge", to make today's self! So can you have enough responsibility and love to help others as you did in the game? Are you able to give and receive at the same time? Can you appreciate the sacrifice and risk of others? Can you always treat your family and friends with a sense of gratitude? I believe everyone should have their own answers in their hearts ......


In the final "Passionate Beat" session, everyone had to high five and shout out the phrase "We are the best team" in the shortest time. With the end of the last word, everyone stretched out the "V" gesture to the sky, representing success. With their own sweat and wonderful wisdom, everyone once again verified that - Rongsheng is the best team!


Through this training, every Rongsheng person deeply understands that the goal is the source of motivation of the team; strict discipline is the code of conduct of the team; communication and understanding are the necessary conditions for team cohesion; respect and trust are the powerful fulcrum for eliminating barriers and caring for each other; strong leadership, reasonable division of labor, overall arrangement, and close collaboration are the path to success and victory of a team.


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